Missouri By: KateL.

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Social Studies
Fun Facts About The 50 States

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Missouri By: KateL.

You should check out the American Jazz MusuemIn the american Jazz Musuem you can learn about diffrent jazz artists and look at very fasinating exhibits. For little kids they can learn about harmony and melody.

Fun Facts~ The state flower is the White Hawthron Blossom.~The state nickname is "The Show Me State"~The state bird is a Blue Bird.


Products~Motor Vevhicles and equpment ~Metal Products~Cattle, Soybeans, and corn

Walt Disney

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My famous person is Walt Disney. Disney was very successful in animation for flims and movies. He had created Snowwhite and the Seven Dwafs. Soon there was a amusment park all themed around the charchters Disney had created.

White Hawthorn Blossom

Blue Bird

Model T

Cow (Cattle)

Mickey Mouse



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