Mississippians Indians

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Mississippians Indians


The Mississippian Indians Weapons/Tools,Food,and HouseThey grew much of thier food in small gardens using simple tools like stone axes, digging sticks, and fire. Corn,beans, squash,sunflower,goosefoot,sumpweed, and other plants were cultlvated.They also ate wild plants and animals, gathering nuts and fruit and hunting such as deer, turkey,and other small animals.Mississippian people spent muchof thier lives outdoors.Their houses were used mainly for shelter from inclement weather,slepping in cold months,and storage.

The Mississippian CultureThe Mississippian Culture was a mound-building Native American civilization that flourished in what is now the Midwestern,Eastern,and Southeastern United States from approximately 800 to 1600,varying regionally.


Mississippians Indians clothes that they wear are animal skin,fabrics,and other soft materials that they probably used to make clothing decayed long ago. Mississippians wore beautiful ornaments made out of shell. Some of these shows remarkable engraving of paterns,humans,and animals were worn around the neck.


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