Mississippian Indian Tribe

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Mississippian Indian Tribe


Their Tools

Woodland Indians made their items with designs. They did this because most were artisans.The Woodland Indians had small points because the bow and arrow had become common. Most people in our day mistake all points for arrow heads when some are knife blades or tools to skin animals.

Mississippian Map

What they wear

Tools / Way of Living

Mississippian people spent much of their lives outdoors. Their houses were used mainly for shelter from inclement weather, sleeping in cold months, and storage.


Mississippian people were horticulturalists. They grew much of their food in small gardens using simple tools like stone axes, digging sticks, and fire. Corn, beans, squash, sunflowers, goosefoot, sumpweed, and other plants were cultivated. They also ate wild plants and animals, gathering nuts and fruits and hunting such game as deer, turkeys, and other small animals. Mississippian people also collected fish, shellfish, and turtles from rivers, streams, and ponds.


Material used for clothing-animal hide and plant fiber-are rarely preserved in the ground. Archaeologists learn about apparel by studying figurines and other artifacts, but interpreting them is difficult.

Believing that all things are related, many historic Native American groups had beliefs and rituals that likely had counterparts in the spiritual lives of Mississippians: They prayed to the spirits of the game they hunted for foregiveness for taking their lives.



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