Mississippian Culture

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Mississippian Culture

Mississippian Indians were skilled farmers who grew corn and other crops. Unlike the Woodland peoples, who lived in small, widely separated settlements, Mississippian peoples lived in permanent towns and villages located next to rivers.


Mississippian Culture

Mississipian Art.Diggings at Mississippian sites have uncovered carved copper headdresses, shell necklaces, and ornaments featuring feathered serpents, spiders, and half-human figures as well as intricate geometric designs. Clay pots were often placed in graves. During the Mississippian era clay vessels were essential for daily living. Mississippian potters began to use ground up shells to create clay pots of many different kinds and sizes.

The mississippian culture started around A.D. 900. This culture slowly started to replace the Woodland culture. The culture was spread all around North America between A.D. 900 and 1700. It started along the Mississippi River and spread throughout the SouthEast , including what is now Geaorgia.

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End of MississippianAt the time of European contact, Mississippian culture already was beginning to fade. By around 1700, little remained of the culture the first European explorers encountered in southeast North America. When European colonists began to settle in present- day Georgia, the Creek and the Cherokee were the dominant American Indian tribes in the region.


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