Mississippi State University

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Mississippi State University

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There are more than 60,000 cowbells at each game!

Things to do

Public UniversityLocated in Starkeville, MSDegree: Elementary Education and TeachingOut-of-State Tuition: $20,142 (has raised since video)Average financial aid:$15,02015 Class Hours a semester

SAT critical reading 490-630SAT math 500-640ACT 21-28High School GPA: 3.35

Admission Requirements

Mississippi StateStarkeville, MS

About MSU

"I had a fantastic experience at MSU. It's such a warm, supportive place to go to school. There are more than 15,000 students on campus, but i could never walk to class without running into someone I knew. I felt that I had many academic opportunities as well as chaces to develop leadership skills through extra curricular activities. The education I got at MSU, both inside and outside of the classroom was priceless. I would recommend the experience to anyone."

College of Education


MSU is located in a small town in the Southeastern part of Mississippi. About 1 hour from the closest major city. MSU has a 81% retension rate and an acceptance rate of 71%.

Noxubee National Wildlife RefugeJohn Starr Forest: biking, hunting, hikingconcertsArt GalleriesHistoric buildings and districtsCity parksMSU Football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse

Why MSU?

On game day, Starkeville shuts down and supports the players.


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