Mississippi River Flood of 1993 (Great Flood of 1993)

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Weather and Climate

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Mississippi River Flood of 1993 (Great Flood of 1993)

Thousands of levees failed and caused damages to nine states (IL, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD, & WI)Many communities and farms were completely destroyed

Wet weather during fall/winter caused soils to be overly saturated. By spring, additional rainfall was unable to be soaked into the ground and ran off into rivers and streams.

Lasted from May-October of 1993Worst flood ever recorded in U.S.

Interesting Fact:A man was convicted to prison in West Quincy, IL for intentionally removing sandbags and causing massive flooding

President Clinton comforts flood victims

Documentary clips showing incredible flood footage

River sweling in 1993

Where: American Midwest along Mississippi River, 1993

Mississippi River Flood 1993


Cause of floods

32 official fatalities (estimated real total of 50)Over $15 billion in damagesOver 1,000 flood warnings were issued



Flood Facts

Walmart underwater: Festus, MO

Map of some affected areas


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