[2012] Owen 3rd (Keri): Missions In Space

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[2012] Owen 3rd (Keri): Missions In Space

Sources: Missions In Space by National Geographic/77070/how-cold-is-space//watch?v=Vml7pZJujF0/2011/07//2011/07/london-gets-statue-of-yuri-gagarin.htmlml/watch?v=tfhulSjjGXA/wiki/Sputnik_1/107086706691409379909/posts/space-shuttle.htm/education/rocket/gallery/saturn/saturn2.html/wiki/Vostok_1

Neil Armstrong (USA) was the 1st man on the moon.

Missions In Space

Yuri Gargarian(SOV) was the 1st person in space.

Hi! I'm Bob William! I'm an astronaught from NASA. Here are some fameous missions, people, ect then you will walk away from your computer knowing about more about fameous missions in space!

I'm the 1st man in space!

The Soviets launched Spudnik, the 1st space sattleite. The States were really afraid of spudnik because it can launch missials and could hit the states.

"One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind!"

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This is where I work. It's called the International Space Station (ISS) It's where the other space programs and us NASA teams up to learn about space

Disclaimer: The Soviet Union doesen't exist today, It's mostly Rusia today. also NASA doesn't launch space shuttles anymore.

3 Fameous ships, the Vostok I (left), The Satern V (middle) and a Space Suttle. each ship did fameous things

The United States and The Soviet Union had a "space race". They were racing to see who would learn about space faster. The Soviets had a head start with Spudnik and Yuri Gargarian. But the USA won with Appolo 11 and Satern V which broght people to the moon. Even today, the Russians have not brought people to the moon EVER.



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