Mission To Mars: Astronomy

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Mission To Mars: Astronomy

Mission To Mars: Astronomy

What do we need to know about Mars in order to land a rover there?

Successfully landing a rover on Mars can be a very difficult task on hand. There are many hard parts of it that all must be done nearly perfectly for the launch and landing to be successful. Some of these things are...-entering the spacecraft into Mars' atmosphere at a particular angle-slowing from 15,000 MPH to 0 MPH in the little time of 7 minutes-opening a parachute at the exact right time in order to start slowing down for its descent-letting go of the parachute, and firing 8 rocket engines at exactly the same timeThis is a list of the challenges, just for the final landing onto the surface of Mars. As you can tell, there are many challenges going into landing on Mars. Even if all of the things listed above are done perfectly, dust storms, big rocks, and wind gusts can hurt the landing.

How do you get to Mars?

2 important things you need to get to Mars before the landing are a great rocket to launch the spacecraft and timing the launch at the right time. As Mars and Earth rotate at different speeds, they are only close to each other at certain times of the year. Because of this, it is a much quicker trip if the timing is right.

This is the Mars Rover launching.




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