Mission Specialist: Space Staion Science Journal

by JessicaMT
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Mission Specialist: Space Staion Science Journal

Could I be a Mission Specialist?

Characteristics of a Mission Specialist

Personal Characteristics

-Detailed-Organized-Coordinated-Good Memorizer-Adaptable-Quick Thinking-Curious-Good Communicator-Mental Endurance (Alyson, 2013) (Locsin 2013) (Nuwer, 2013)

A Mission Specialist is a type of astronaut who...has overall responsiblitiy for coordinating operations with the systems, crew activity planning, and consumable usage Perform Extravehicular Activities and Operate remote manipulator Systems(Lethbridge, 2000)

-Detailed-Organized-Not very Coordinated-Good Memorizer-Adaptable-Creative-Curious -Quiet-Slightly Shy-Mental Endurance -Demonstrate by Example

Physical Traits -20/20 corrected vision -Normal Blood Pressure -Around 67 inches tall -Physically fit and active

Physical Traits -20/200 uncorrected vision -20/20 corrected vision -140/90 blood pressure in a sitting position -58.5-76 inches tall -And Pass NASA's Space Physical (Dunbar, 2010)

I have many similar characteristics with the qualities associated with being a Mission Specialist, all that would be beneficial to being a Mission Specialist. I am also creative which would further help the problem solving aspects needed to be a Mission Specialist. However, I am not very well coordinated, quiet, and shy which all would be detrimental to being successful as a Mission Specialist.

I need to improve my...

Coordination, Quick Decisions, Communication with Others,

As a "first step" to taking action to transform my negatives into positives I need to put myself into situations where I have room to grow, change, and practice new skills. To practice my coordination, I can learn to play a new sport like tennis. Because I am quiet and shy, I am sometimes overlooked with it being hard to be heard over everyone else. By making myself do more things and talk to all kinds of people, I can gain the skills to change my negatives into positives.

Compare and Contrast



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