Mission San Diego

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Mission San Diego

Mission San Diego

Native resistance continued almost unabated. At approximately 1:30 a.m., on the moonlit night of November 4, 1775 between 600 and 800 warriors from the surrounding area silently crept into the mission compound. After plundering the chapel, they set the other buildings ablaze. The Mission buildings were reduced to ashes

The Kumeyaayhad to learn to farm. They were converted to catholicism. Life was hard for the Native Indians. Many revolted.

Established:July 16, 1769Founded by:Junipera SerraFounding Order:1stNative Tribe:Kumeyaay

Rancho period (1834–1849)Parts of the Mission were sold and became ranchos. California statehood (1850–1900)President Abraham Lincoln signed a proclamation on May 23, 1862 that restored ownership of the Mission proper to the Roman Catholic Church. When Mission San Diego de Alcalá was granted back to the Church, it was in ruins. In the 1880s Father Anthony Ubach began to restore the old Mission buildings.

Mission San Diego

In 1941, the Mission once again became a parish church

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