Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

“I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life, but my life was never ordinary. I had simply failed to notice how extraordinary it was.”

353 pagesRansom RiggsPresentation:Lillian Jones

Emma Bloom(Supporting Character)

Emma Bloom is the main supporting character. She is a peculiar with the talent of making fire with her hands. When Jacob’s grandpa, Abraham Portman, lived in Miss. Peregrine’s home, he was romantically involved with Emma. When Abraham left Emma and the rest of the peculiar children he broke her heart and she was devastated. When Jacob arrived, she soon became romantically involved with Jacob throughout the story. Emma is curious, hotheaded, and passionate about her feelings.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars. This novel always kept me interested in the plot and in the characters. I felt like I really got to know the characters and like I was with them in the story, cheering the protagonist on. I always was always excited to turn the page and look at the mysterious pictures that the book contained. Overall, I was consistently excited with the book and plot. I highly recommend this to people that enjoy an outside-of-the-box type of story.

I think that this quote is a major turning point for Jacob. Jacob was always an outcast and afraid of what people thought of him. At this moment of time, he realizes that he never was and will never be ordinary, just like everyone and he is finally perfectly okay with that. He was peculiar in his own way and he never realized it was okay to be different..

Ransom Riggs

Available on Amazonhttp://www.amazon.com/Miss-Peregrines-Home-Peculiar-Children/dp/1594746036

Ransom Riggs' Websitehttp:www.ransomriggs.com


Ransom Riggs was born in Maryland and he grew up in Florida. He fell in love with writing and photography at a very young age. He attended the Pine View School for the Gifted and graduated with a degree in English literature at Kenyon College while he also earned a degree in film at the University of Southern California. He has contributed to some Harpercollins books and was a blogger for mentalfloss.com. He still writes books, films movies, and collects photos.

The setting in the beginning is in Florida and in the present where Jacob lives. The remainder of the story takes place on Cairnholm Island in Wales in the present and in the time loop of September 3rd, 1940. On Cairnholm in the present, Jacob spends most of his time in The Priest Hole, which is a pub and inn that Jacob and his father stay at. It also used to be a hiding place for priests. In Cairnholm past, the time loop of September 3, 1940, Jacob spends his time in a home for peculiar children in a time loop. The house is very big and has a huge yard. The island is about to be bombed every night, but the loop resets itself just before then.

Jacob Portman(Main Character)

The theme of this story is to accept yourself as who you are. No matter how weird you think you are, you should accept yourself and not let anyone stop you from doing that. Jacob, in the book, learned to accept his awkwardness and peculiarity. He spent the first ¾ of the book caring about what others thought of him. Jacob teaches us to not care about what others think of you and to be yourself.


The conflict of this book is Jacob v.s. Jacob. Jacob does not know whether he should stay with the peculiar kids or go home. He has never fit in in the real world and he now seems to fit in with the peculiar children. If he chooses to stay with the children, he will leave his family and only friend behind. If he leaves the children, he will leave all of friends and his protection from the hollows. While in Cairnholm, he battles himself internally and starts to learn what matters most to him.

Jacob Portman is the protagonist of this story. He is 16 and has brown hair and brown eyes. He grew up in a rich household in Englewood, Florida and was an employee at his uncle’s drug store chain, Smart-Aid.  He is grandson of Abraham Portman and son of Franklin and Maryann Portman. Jacob only has one friend in America and his name is Ricky Pickering. Jacob also possesses the power of being able to see, talk to, and control hollowgasts, just like his grandfather. Jacob is sensitive, helpless at some points, but he is mostly courageous.



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