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Miss Metz's Class

This Week in Miss Metz's 2nd Grade Class


This week in Math:1) We learned how to add 2-digit numbers.2) We made up our own addition stories.3) We took an addition quiz.

Timothy's Addition Story: "If Spider Man has 10 candy bars and Batman gives him 12, how many candy bars does Spider Man have now?"

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies:1) We learned about the history of Thanksgiving.2) We made fun turkey hats. Click on the image to the right for a link!.

Language Arts

This week in Language Arts:1) We read a Thanksgiving story.2) We answered questions about the story..


This week in Science:1) We talked about habitats.2) We went on a nature walk.3) We collected leaves and made a craft.

Check outthe awesomecraft here!

Check out the quiz we took this week!



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