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Miss Karen JCS

Welcome to my Glog!Check in to see events, cool links and fun things to do! Click here to see my blog or http://karenlynn.edublogs.org/.

Hi Students ~ Be creative! Make your own Glog and join in the fun. Share links, ideas, and projects. Come learn w/ me!

Think With Me:What are your goals for this year? What do you want to learn or do? Share with me.I want to inspire my students to create and grow as individuals: to grow as writers, to explore media and technology for school or personal use. I want to read great books and be a critical thinker. Join me!

Important Dates: December 20-31 Christmas Vacation January 14-end LP5/semester *** Last day to submit EMR /VCI requests Don't forget to check out our JCS website for fun fieldtrips, our great Parent Portal and even Amazon.com to help support our school. Won't you help?!!!

Technology Links:Do you like Bill Nye the Science Guy? Check out Discovery Education Science to see videos and other cool stuff.Or check out theMedia Festival Finalists! http://mediafestival.org/finalists.shtml.Finalists:

Me and my boys

Pictures to Share

My Great Grandparents

My Surf-loving Hubbie


Shiloh boo boo!


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