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miranda sings

Miranda Sings

Miranda singsMiranda sings is a youtuber whos real name is colleen balinger, or recently became colleen evans. Collen puts major amounts of lipsick on and around her lips, does her hair in a certain way, and dresses up in ver ugly costumes in order to become Miranda sings.


Miranda has made many youtube videos includin the on above titled a song for the haters,. Miranda maes alot of Q&A and music videos. Alot of her videos are usually challenges with herslf or with the company of other fellow youtubers


Basicly, mirandas only accomplishment has been makig billions of fans over night by acting as miranda sings.


some interesting facts are that miranda has many baes. when she is mad at her dog she will eat its food so tthat it will starve. she is a princess. her grandma smells like soup when not bathed. she has a disease wher she gets the hiccups alot. she got senior prom queen at her senior prom.

Interesting Facts


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