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Miracle Worker Project Glog


Create a Project for:"The Miracle Worker"

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Your instructions:


Honors students will research a topic that provides background information for our study of the play "The Miracle Worker" by William Gibson.For each area above, provide 1. two different sources (use easybib.com or something like it to produce MLA-format citations.) 2. a paragraph summary for each source (describe the information and the most important points.) 3. two quotes from each source.Present these documents to Mrs. Chandler along with a storyboard of your project for final approval no later than November 13.Work together to complete your project on or before November 18.

1) Choose a topic that interests you that will also build your background knowledge for our reading of The Miracle Worker.2) Find a classmate who wants to research the same topic.3) Find two or more sources of information on your topic.4) Get your project approved by Mrs. Chandler.5) BEGIN!

Research one of the following topics, and create a digital presentation for the class. Be sure to write the information in your own words but also cite your sources. You may create a PowerPoint, Prezi, Glog, or Infographic. • Braille• American Sign Language (ASL)• Hearing Aid• Helen Keller• Annie Sullivan• William Gibson• Anatomy of the eye• Anatomy of the ear• Tuscumbia, Alabama - Post-Civil War Era• Perkins Institution and Massachusetts Asylum for the Blind• Radcliffe College


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