Miracle at Dunkirk

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Miracle at Dunkirk

Carly RitterMiracle at DunkirkPeriod 2Febuary, 2015

1. One of the most well-known and fascinating events that occurred during World War II was the miracle at Dunkirk. Dunkirk is a small shipping port in Belgium that saved over 300,000 British and French soldiers. Hitler and the Nazis were going to invade Belgium on May 10. Britain and France were almost defeated, but a total miracle took place on May 26. This event went down in history as the miracle that saved 338,000 lives.

5. There were many reasons why I chose this topic for my research project. One of them is that after I learned about this in social studies, I thought it would be interesting to learn more about it. Also, I thought it was inspiring to learn about this miracle that happened so abruptly and how they barely escaped from Hitler’s grasp. The British and French soldiers tried their best to get everyone safely across The Channel unharmed. I discovered so many facts about the miracle at Dunkirk through this project.

4. This topic is still very important and meaningful in the present day. It shows that when you have an opportunity, you should take advantage of it. People should remember this event because there were 338,000 people who helped each other escape from sure death. I will always remember those brave soldiers who risked their lives so their fellow soldiers would live.

3. France and Britain were confused by Hitler’s actions but were relieved that he had done this so they would be able to escape. Meanwhile, the Prime minister of Britain, Winston Churchill, feared that he would have to announce the biggest military disaster in history. There was only one port that was accessible to the British, and that was Dunkirk. Over 300,000 British and French soldiers managed to escape by safely departing on boats using this port, but they had to leave all their high-tech equipment behind. They later called this wonder, “The Miracle at Dunkirk.”

2. French and British forces were sent to Belgium to protect it and safely convey British goods from Dunkirk back to Britain. Then, Germany invaded Belgium. War started instantly and British and French troops were cornered since all ports were blocked. Surprisingly, Hitler commanded that there should be a three day delay before attacking. Britain and France were shocked by this order but immediately started to get the safe boats prepared.


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