Minute Maid Park

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Minute Maid Park

Left field - 315 feetLeft-center - 362 feetCenter field - 435 feetDeepest point - 436 feetRight-center - 373 feetRight field - 326 feetSeating- 40,963Size:Gross Square Footage - 28.97 acresTotal Square Footage - 1,263,240 square feetBuilding Height - 93 feet


1965 - Doors Open to Astrodome 1968 -All Star Game 1985- Nolan Ryan 4000 Strikeouts1988 - Upgrade Astroturf2000 - New Stadium2007 - Craig Biggio hits 3000

Only field with a hill in centerWon three awards: 2000 Good Brick Award Most Outstanding Civil Engineering Project National Honor Award for Engineering Excellence

The Hill

In straight center field, there is a hill leading up to the fence.

The Train Station

According to HOK's design platform, the most literal tie between Houston's past and its new ballpark is a physical line to Union Station. The building is a symbol of the important role the railroad has played in the city's relatively short history, especially early in the 20th century. The director of Minute Maid Park's identity and graphics takes its cue from this period.The railroad created Houston. Flourishing trade established a base of wealth and culture, an infrastructure of banks, a port and railheads. By 1910, railroads constituted the city's largest industry. In 1911, Union Station - already key to the rail industry's growth and influence - was redesigned and reopened.

Minute Maid Park



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Old Atros Stadium"Astrodome"


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