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SUMMARYA twelve yr. old girl named Minuk is intrigued by an American missionary family called the Hoffs who moved into their village. She has never seen a white woman or child until now, but has seen a white man before. The Hoffs can speak Yup'ik, but do not understand Yup'ik ways. Mr. Hoff tries to change the Yup'ik ways that they had grown to know, and believe, and turn them into Christian ways.

ConflictThe Hoffs try to change Yup'ik ways and despise their leader, the Shaman.The Shaman claims that he can go to the moon and talk to the animal spirits/ spirit animals.

Minuk Ashes in the PathwayBy:Kirkpatrick Hill

Character AnalysisMinuk: ProtagonistA twelve yr. old girl who is learning how to speak English through a little boy named David who is part of the Hoff family. The Hoffs: AntagonistsA family of American missionaries that have come to changeYup'ik ways into Christian ways.

SETTINGYup'ik Alaska, 1890. This book took place during the influenza epidemic. Idaho joined the U.S.. The Oklahoma territory and the United Mine Workers of America were formed. Ellis Island in New York was designated as an immigration station.

ResolutionMr.Hoff realizes that the Yup'ik people do not like him, so he puts his Bible on its spine and lets it fall open. The page it opens up to will give him his answer whether or not he should stay or leave.The page it opened up to had a verse in it that said ''a King of Assyria turned back , and stayed not there in the land,'' so he decided to pack up and leave.

ClimaxMost people started dying because of the influenza epidemic.

This story is told first person point of view by Minuk.

The theme is to stand up for what you believe in and staying loyal to your people.

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