Minnesota By: Kyla Su'e

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Minnesota By: Kyla Su'e

Minnesota By: Kyla Su'e

Famous Person:

My famous person is Lindsey Von. She is an Olympic Skier for the U.S.A. She has won 2 medals! One gold and one bronze. She was born in St. Paul and moved to Vail, Colorado where she started her skiing career.

Fast Facts:

State Capital: St. PaulStateHood: May 11th, 1858, 32nd state.State Nickname: Gopher StateState Motto: The Star of the North.State Song: Hail! Minnesota!

Famous Place:The Voyageurs National Park is a famous because Native Americans have traveled thorugh this area to trade goods with other Native America Tribes.

State Products:The state products of Minnesota are: Health Products, Tourism and Agriculture are major products of Minnesota.

Bibliography:MLA. "Introduction." America the Beautiful, Grolier Online, 2014 Web. March 8, 2014.MLA. "Lindsey Vonn." America the Beautiful, Grolier Online, 2014 Web.March 8, 2014.

Fun Facts:1. Minnesota was named after a Dakota Sioux Indian Tribe.2. Minnesota was the 32nd state to become apart of the U.S.A.



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