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World War I

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Minie ball

(1) Minie ball

Invention of Minie ballInvented in France, just an ounce in weight and a half inch across, one person can cast 3,000 Minié balls an hourCan rip through a man's body in a fraction of a secondThe Civil War was the first modern war

Pros Load the gunpowder, ram down the bullet, and it's ready to fire1. Lighter and easier to carry2. Eight times faster3. Shatter and splinter bone4. Accurate over a ranger of 600 yards.

Dog tagsFirst time to begin pinning their names and units on their uniforms.

What is it?

Postal service

Dog tag



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The Minié balls were mass-produced by both sides, North and South, during the Civil War. The long-range accuracy of that balls radically changed the traditional model of warfare.

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Postal servicePostal service was the first time took place from the front line in American war history.


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