Ming Dynasty

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Ming Dynasty

Prior to the Ming Dynasty, China was ruled by Yuan Dynasty. Many Chinese did not like the rulars of the Yuan Dynasty (Mongols), finally the Mongols were overthrown.

How Did It Start

The first emperor of the Ming Dynasty was Zhu Yuanzhang from(1328-1398.Zhu was a peasant who became the leader of a rebellion against the Yuan rulers. During his youth, he was extremely poor. Several of his brothers were sent or sold away, and then his family was killed by a flood so Zhu was not the happiest or luckiest guy .Zhu Then did what any other poor person would do (begged for food )and also spent some time at a Buddhist monastery where he learned to read and write when he was 24 years old. He established a capital in Nanjing and then consolidated control of the area of the Yangtze River. Then in 1664, his army entered Beijing. When he was in his thirties he shaped the Ming Empire, but he grew increasingly fearful and tyrannical

1.the Great Wall of China was repaired to what it looks like nowadays2. Society was was split into four groups Ning,Shi,Gong andShang

Ming Dynasty

by Lily Garland


The First Rular

Art flourished during the Ming Dynasty. This included literature, painting, music, poetry, and porcelain. Ming vases were made of blue and white porcelain and were prized at the time throughout the world. They are still considered quite valuable. Literature reached new heights during this era as well.

Ming Vases

The first ever bristle toothbrush,an encyclopaedia and a woodblock colour printer were all invented in the Ming Dynasty





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