Ming dynasty

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Ming dynasty

Trade in Ming DynastyThey wanted limited cantact with the outsiders, so foreign trade was stirctly only for the government. They allowwd the Europeans to trade only through 3 ports. But in reality, trade with the outside world took place near the coast with normal people. The Europeans loved Chinese silk so the people smugguled it out to them and the Europeans paid them back in silver. Then the demand for Chinese silk and pottery increased greatly. But it did not grow to be a large business because Confusianism encouraged farming to be the main focus. So people who did other thing were looked down upon.

The Ming dynasty started after Hongwu lead a rebel army against the Mongols. He improved the lives of the people by imscreasing the amount of food proced and improving irrigation. His son, Yonglo, tried to make contact with the other asians by sending them gifts to impress them. But it was stopped after 7 years because the officails thought it was a waste. The empire soon decline, after almost 300 years from the begining, because the government could not solve problems.

Trade with outside


The Ming Dynasty

Zheng He's ship compared to Santa Maria

Yonglo, the king that built The Forbidden City


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