Ming Dynasty

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Ming Dynasty

Ming Dynasty

The Ming Dynasty was from 1268-1644It was established by Hung-Wu

Emporer Hung-Wu

The Ming Dynasty was an era of large civil engineering projects incuding The Great Wall of China.The Great Wall of China was almost completely rebuilt by the Ming Dynasty. The Grand Canal was rebuilt during this time.This helped with trade.The Forbidden City was also built during the Ming Dynasty.

The Government was run by an organisation called the Civil Service. In order to get a job in the Civil Service the candidates had to take difficult exams. The men with the highst scores got the best jobs. The exams covered a number of subjects but a large part of the test was on the teaching of Confucius

Art flourished during the Ming Dynasty .This included literature painting,music,poetry and porcelain.

The Forbidden City was built in the Ming Dynasty.This was where the emperors lived. It was centered in Beijing, the capital of China. It was called the Forbidden City because nobody could go in without the Emperor's permission.

ReligionSome people believed in having a harmonious relationship with nature. The Ming Dynasty had several religions but the most popular were Taoism, Daoism and Buddhism. Buddists spent lots of time studying Buddhism .Buddhism plays a major part in Chinese believes today.

The farmers of the Ming Dynasty grew crops like tea, plants and fruit. This formed a base for the Ming markets. The markets helped the farmers a lot for it meant that farmers could trade in local towns. The Gong were artisans who had the skills to make objects of everyday use and the Nong Were mostly farmers who paid taxes. The Traders where thought lower than the Nong and the Gong because they did not work land or craft objects. These were the classes in the Ming Dynasty.

Primary SourceI believe that this picture is a primary sorce because the Forbiden City was built in the Ming Dynasty.The Forbiden City is a magestic palace and I presume that only royalty lived there. Probably only the wealthy upper class were permitted entry as guests because the Forbiden City is so grand looking.I think that the Forbiden City was built to house all the Emporers who ruald because only a Emporer or king would be wealthy enough to build such a palace.I would think that it would take a lot of labour and a lot of time was taken to build such a place.

Secondary source I believe that this is a secondary source because it was highly likely that this panting was not panted at the time this Emporer was around.I believe that this panting was painted to make a resemblance of the Emporer Yongle.

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