Ming Dynasty

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Ming Dynasty

The beginning of Ming dynasty Mongol rule in China ended because Hongwu led a rebelion and declared himself as the first emperor of the Ming dynasty, which will last for around 300 years. China soon became the dominant power in Asia during the Ming dynasty. A lot of other small countries paid reggular tributes to the Ming dynasty to awknowledge its submission.

Ming Dynasty

The relationship with outsidersThe Ming dynasty tried to keep as little cultural influence as possible. Only the government can trade and only trhough three coastal ports. But a lot of illegal trade took place along the coast. The currency for trading was usually silver. Because of the Chinese thinking that farming is better, the factories was heavily taxed.

Hongwu He increased the amount of food production (sugar cane and cotton) and improved the irrigation system. He also changed the government system Yonglo Tried to made contact with other Asian people. Allow the voyages to other parts of Asia

The Emperors


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