Ming Dynasty

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Ming Dynasty

Fighting with other empires and civilizations was very common in the Ming Dynasty. They were frequently fighting with the Mongols, and at one point the Mongols made it all the way to the great wall.

The Ming faced many problems because of excessive fighting. One of these is economic drain from a war in Korea.

The Ming expanded their Empire by use of force and military combat. They used a unique type of gun along with swords, cannons, and spears. The Ming invaded Veitnam and Japan.

The Ming fell because of economic collapse and military failures. An ex-soldier of the Ming army, started a rebelion which was beaten. He was released from jail only because he agreed to rejoin the military. He broke this deal to start another rebelion, which failed again, but allowed the Manchus to cross the Great Wall and defeat the Ming dynasty in 1638.

The Ming Dynasty was a land based empire unlike the British Empire which was a maritime empire. They were composed of many small colonies, and spent much of their money on exploration instead of military conquest.

Ming Dynasty

Zhu Yuanzhang created a rebellion to fight against the Yuan Dynasty, and in 1363 Zhu defeated the Yuan, and founded the Ming Dynasty.


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