Mineral- Brookite

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Mineral- Brookite


A mineral is: A solid inorganic substance of natural occurance.My mineral is the Brookite.My mineral’s chemical composition: TiO2My mineral’s occurrence: Fitampito, Iralamavory, Madagascar

Brookite can be identified in the field by its color variations, such as brown, light brown, dark brown, dark reddish-brown, and orange. Its transparent to translucent to opaque form that has an indistinct cleavage. This mineral has a sub-metallic luster with yellowish-white streak. The fracture on this mineral is sub-conchoidal.

Reddish-brown, brown, yellow-brown, yellow-orange, greenish-gray, black. Often has lighter and darker color zones, or a black zone running through the center of a crystal. Streak: Light yellow-gray to nearly white

Luster: Adamantine, SubmetallicDensity: 4.08 - 4.18 g/cm3Hardness: 5.5 - 6

Basic Info:

Color & Streak:

Luster, Density & Hardness:

How to identify Brookite:

Crystal System: OrthorhombicCleavage and Fracture: 3, 2. Uneven, subconchoidalSpecial Properties: Crystal habits and luster

Crystal System, Clevage, Fracture, & Special Properties:


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