Minecraft for Parents

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Minecraft for Parents

Helping your parents understand Minecraft

Looking @ Books article "On TED, Learning, Legos, and Minecraft" by Ben Darby describes the way toys like Legos and sandbox games like Minecraft allow kids to "explore, create, and play with others" to learn about their world.

Tips for Parents-Talk to your kid about what they are creating.-Set up challenges for your kid.-Set limits and help your kid learn good time management strategies.-Talk with other parents, and educators, about how you balance non-virtual creative activities with your child's Minecraft obsession. Lisa Guernsey shared her concerns about Minecraft in "An 'Educational' Video Game Has Taken Over My House." Talk openly about these concerns with your kids.-Model good behavior by setting limits on your own virtual interactions and computer time.

Tips for Kids-Share your creations with your parents and friends.-Set a timer so that you stick to your agreed-upon Minecraft Time. (Sticking to your time limit shows that you are responsible and builds trust!)-If you are out of Minecraft Computer Time and still want to create, build, and explore, get creative with Legos, papercraft creations, outdoor play, and other hands-on activities.

Take Minecraft out of the virtual world and make your own paper characters, diorama, or even a Minecraft chess set! Visit PixelPaperCraft for free Minecraft printables.

For Parents and KidsWork together to set reasonable limits to balance virtual and real-world activities.Maybe you will allow Minecraft play at certain times of day or on certain days of the week. Maybe you will allow it when schoolwork or chores are done. Maybe kids can earn Minecraft time by completing certain tasks.Decide what works for you and stick to it. This is a great opportunity to involve kids in being responsible for balancing virtual play time and being in the real world.

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