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Why do we call our site Media in the Middle?Whether students are reading books, working on a laptop, or using other electronic devices, they are accessing media. Learning is all about processing information, and in this digital age, our students have a barrage of information coming at them. We feel it is important that library media specialists, technology specialists, and teachers work together to help students make appropriate media choices, understand the media they access, and use media to enhance theireducation. So...we decided to stop arguing about whether kids are better off reading more books or using more technology. We met in the middle. We realize that It's not the means students use to get the information, it's what they do with the information they get.

Westbrook Middle School Library / Technology Services

WelcomeThe WMS Library and Tech Classroom are both located on the 2nd floor.The Library is open 7:30 am-2:10 pm M-FThe Tech Classrrom is open to students during 7th period every day. Mr. Giffard: Laptop hardware problems. Ms. Emery: Software problems and help with technology projectsMrs. Brasslow: Internet research helpOur Website is open 24-7 !Our site has access to the library catalog and the student reading blog. We have technology resources, how-tos, examples and more!The media center and tech classroom are both located on the 2nd floor of the new school. Keep checking our site for updates. New resources are added daily.

This site was created and is maintained by: Trish Brasslow , WMS Library Media Specialist and Karen Emery, WMS Technology Integrator.Click here to email us. We would love to hear your questions, comments, and suggestions.

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Check out the eReader software on your laptop. It is called Adobe Digital Editions. You can find it in your Applications folder. Do a Google search for free ebooks and download a book in .pdf or .epub format. Add it to your Adobe Digital Editions library and you've turned your laptop into an ereader!.




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