Milutin Milankovic by Jelisaveta and Bogdan

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Milutin Milankovic by Jelisaveta and Bogdan

Milutin Milankovic was a Serbian mathematician, climatologist, astronomer, doctor of technology, geophysicts, civil engineer, university professor, popularizer of science.

Milutin Milankovic by Jelisaveta and Bogdan

He was born on 28 May 1879.

He's on a 2000 dinar-note.

Milutin was born in the village callled Dalj. He and his twin sister were the oldest of seven children. He received his elementary education at home. He attended a secondary school in Osijek.

He made a calendar which is better than Julian calendar that we use now.

Things which were named after him are: 1. Milankovic -crater on the far side of the Moon2. Milankovic - 118 km crater on the Mars3. 1605 Milankovic - minor planet

In 1920s he wrote a monthly letter in a Serbian magazine to his imaginary friend. The letters were later published as a book called Kroz vasionu i vekove: pismo jednog astronoma (Through Distant Worlds and Times: Letters from a Wayfarer in the Universe).

He died on 12th December 1958 in Belgrade.

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