Milton S. Hershey

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Milton S. Hershey

With his caramel company out of the way, Milton can finally focous on just chocolate. Hershey saw there was a growing demand for chocolate, and in an earlier trip to Germany, he fuigered out that the kids there loved chocolate. He worked at making the perfect recipe for his milk chocolate idea, and was perfecting it for months, until finally he had the perfect formula. What once was a luxury for the rich, would soon become an affordable enjoyment for everyone. Before long, Milton was selling candy all around Lancaster in his new auto mobilie. One thing stood in his way though, and that was that he needed a big factory to produce chocolate. He needed it to have plenty of room for a pasture to put the cows that would produce milk in. In addition, he needed to have a close by train that Miton could bring in cocoa beans and sugar, also so he could send out chocolate. He would also need a factory right in the middle of it all. Milton Hershey found this all at Derry Church, the place he was born. In 1903, he broke ground, and was soon building a city around it for his around 600 workers. Milton was soon to become one of the wealthiest men alive all because of his chocolate.

Everything Chocolate!

The family surrounding Milton was astonishing. Milton's full name is Milton Snavely Hershey. He was born on September 13, 1857 in a stone farm house. Several years later, young Milton loved to go to the candy store with his dad and buy candy with the savings he had every week by doing chores on the family farm. After being an apprentice for another candy maker several years later, Milton finally was able to leave the nest, and go look for a place to make and sell his own line of candy. Unfortunatley, Milton fell ill about halfway after he started selling candy at his first store. Lukily Aunt Maddie and his mother helped keep the place afloat, along with a family like employee. After a downfall in money, several hardships, and many candy stores later, Milton found success in his new caramel company called Crystall A. Putting all poverty behind him, Milton bought a big house. Even though his mother warned him of buisiness being able to fail at anytime making him bankrupt; still Milton Hershey ignored her. In trying to convince small shop owners to sell his caramels, he stumbled apon love. This was with a woman whoose name was Catherine. One visit, after writing many letters to this special lady, Milton got up the courage to ask Catherine if she would marry him. Of couse, Catherine told him yes! Years later, while Milton was in the process of building his famous chocolate town, his father Henry Hershey passed away, knowing his son was about to achieve something wonderful. His Aunt Maddie fell ill as well in the spring of 1894 a few years before the passing of father Hersheyin 1904. Milton's death was in Hershey Hospital many years later. As you can see, Milton Hershey had a wonderful family unil the end.


All about Milton's life as a chocolate creator!

Finance and Business

Milton Hershey had many ups and downs with these two key items in small buinesses. On Milton's first try at the candy making business, he ran short of money and gave up on Philadelphia, PA

Milton tried, and failed at making candy businesses work seven times! That is, if you count the time he sold his caramel company, Crystal A, for one million dollars!

His businesses varied from making and selling taffy at his land lady's kitchen, to getting a $700 loan from the bank to fufill an order from Germany. His business was booming, and after

Hershey's chocolate in the making!

By: Katrina Vollmar

some hardships with the loan, Milton finally was able to pay the poor bankman his due money. Milton had plenty of money left over from his payment from Germany, and was living in a big

house with a wonderful fountian that kids loved to play in. As you can see, Milton tried very hard, and finally, it was all worthwhile.

Milton S. Hershey

=Yummy yummy! :)

Milton Hershey holding an orphan getting good care, thanks to Milton!

This is a portrait of Milton Hershey in his young age.


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