Milton Hershey

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Milton Hershey

Milton HersheySept 13, 1857 - Oct 13, 1945 (88 years old)

The Road to Sweet Success:The Hershey Chocolate CompanyHERSHEY appearance: April 17, 1895

Time Line


Early Attempts

Hershey didnt have the financial means once again to keep his business going. The offer was to go abroad and make him big so he convinced the local bank to give him the financing he needed.

Convinced he wanted to do this, he bought all of the equipment, shipped it back to Lancaster, and started making chocolate in his caramel business.

Interesting Facts:- chocolate was so expensive for the average person to buy in the 1900s; his goal was to get a bar so anyone could afford it-Hershey was asked to make bars for the military; they were full of vitamins and minerals-he built his business in the middle of Pennsylvania so he could have fresh milk and fresh cows for manufacturing

1893- Hershey and his cousin went to the exposition and saw a German man making chocolate. Hershey wanted this for himself.

1895- With his company booming, he was still working at perfecting the making of chocolate with milk...which took a couple of trials and errors.

1876- started own business with mom's financial help; failed 6 years later. went with dad. came back and failed again (with caramels). 28 and penniless.


Lancaster Caramel Company


Columbia Exposition



The Hershey Company

The Start of Success

1886- using methods from confectioner in Denver, started a company. Britsh candymaker placed a large order.

- born in Derry Township, Pennsylvania-worked on the family farm-incomplete rural education (dropped out at 14 yrs old): apprenticed at age 15-trailing his father, he never saw goals met but an opportunity at big ideas; learned to appreciate good hard work-using his father's lack of initiative as motivation and love for the business and candy-he had a little help along the way (family members, conventions)-he had been in business since he dropped out of school

1900- The molded chocolate bar was being sold. In 1907, the production of Hershey kisses started and in 1908, the production of the Hershey bar with almonds started. Products were packaged to be sold everywhere.

Characteristics:-persistent: failed and failed but kept doing what he loved-passionate: went after what he loved no matter the struggle to get there-smart: kept his business by his resources-Opportunistic: saw the chocolate eqipment and took a chance on himself to buy it all


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