[2015] DYLAN DONAGHY (Feldmann 14-15): Milton Hershey

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[2015] DYLAN DONAGHY (Feldmann 14-15): Milton Hershey

On September 18th 1857, Milton Hershey was born in Derry Township, PA. As a kid, Milton loved working on the Hershey farm. At the age of 13, he got a job at a printing press. But Milton hated that job. So, one day after his boss yelled at him, he put his straw hat into the press. That is how he got fired from his printing job. His next job was at Royer's ice cream and candy shop in Philadelphia. Milton found his passion, candy making. Mr. Royer didn't even need to give Milton directions. He just added some ingredients and made taffy, peppermints, and caramels taste better. After 4 years, Milton decided to start his own candy business. He thought Philadelphia was the perfect place because the U.S.A. was celebrating its 100th birthday. In 1898, Milton married Kitty Sweeny. No one at home knew about Kitty until they got married. Next, Milton moved to Lancaster and started the Lancaster Caramel Company. This time, Milton added a special ingredient, milk. In 1900, Milton sold the Lancaster Caramel Company for $1 million. He next wanted to introduce milk chocolate to the US. So, in 1903 he started building the Hershey factory and the town of Hershey. The town of Hershey was for all of his workers. In 1905, the Hershey factory opened. After a couple of years, the Hershey factory sold more than $5 million a year. The next big thing for Hershey was the Hershey Industrial School for orphan boys. They learned reading, basic math, farming, and carpentry. In 1915, Kitty Hershey died after several years of bad health. In 1918, Milton showed he cared about the orphans and gave all the stock in the company to the Hershey Industrial School. No one in his company knew about it until the news came out in a newspaper. But he told the school to only use the money on things that will help the kids education. During the great depression, He opened up the Hershey Hotel. He also made sure that everyone in the factory kept on working. In 1942, He made a special D-Ration bar for soldiers fighting in World War II. The soldiers passed out the bars to kids or traded with local people. The Hershey company has gotten many awards for the D-Ration bars. In 1945, Milton Hershey died. He died of pneumonia.


1857 - Milton Hershey was born1872 - Got first candy job at Royers Candy1876 - Started first business - Hersheys Candy Shop1882 - Hersheys Candy Shop failed1886 - Started Lancaster Caramel Company1894 - Started to make chocolate1898 - Married Kitty Sweeney1900 - Sold Lancaster Caramel Company for $1 million - Started making Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars1903 - Work began building the town of Hershey, PA and the Hershey Chocolate Factory1905 - Hershey Chocolate Factory opened1909 - Hershey Industrial School opens1915 - Kitty Hershey died1918 - Gave all the stock in his chocolate company to the Hershey School1933 - Hershey Hotel opened1942 - Created special bar for soldiers called D-Ration1945 - Milton Hershey died

- Milton created the perfect formula for milk chocolate. He found a way to ship it safely and last longer without being kept cold. By doing so, America was introduced to milk chocolate.- He made the town of Hershey for all of his workers so they could enjoy their life in the town they worked in.- He created a special D-Ration bars for soldiers figting in World War II.

Lasting Impact

Milton Hershey developed most of the Hershey products we eat today. The town of Hershey,PA is still going strong. Hershey Park has grown into a major tourist attraction with more than 2 million visitors each year.


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