Million Budget part two

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Million Budget part two

Million Dollar Project (Part Two)

Remaining amount of money: $544,571 Everything has been rounded to cover the cents in totals


CameraPowerShot SX510 HSRefurbished

Camera:$544,571-$200=$544,3712nd Vacation:$544,371-$30,119=$514,252Oculus Rift:$514,252-$350=$513,902Apple products:$513,902-$71,400=$442,502Donation #2:$442,502-$242,502=$200,00Long term investement:$200,000-$200,000=$0

Conrad Tokyo, Japan Check-in: Sun, Jul 12 Check-out: Sat, Aug 8 27-night stay Room 1: 1 Adult,2 Childrenavg./night: $345.33Taxes & Fees per night: $85.19

Hotel Total: $11,624.04

Things to do:Private Anime & Manga Discovery Tour9 AM Tour3 TravelersTokyoWed, Jul 15Total due today: $581.25 ------------------Private Hakone Day Trip by Bashukways Travel7 AM Tour3 TravelersTokyoFri, Jul 17Total due today: $832.53 ------------------Private 4-Day Tokyo Encounter by Bashukways TravelPrivate Tour - 3 Travelers3 TravelersTokyoTue, Jul 21Total due today: $2,648.97Overall Total: $4,064

$8,200 set aside for meals

$400 set aside for giftshops

2nd Vacation total: $30,119

Airfare: $5,830

Oculus Rift Development Kit 2


Apple products


Charitable Donation (#2)Warrior Canine Connection

The remaining $200,000 will go into a long term investment


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