Milky Eagle Owl

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Milky Eagle Owl

The Bubo Lacteus eats small mammals, reptiles, large incects, and other birds. These owls are nocturnal, so they hunt in the night. These owls are one of the few animals in Africa that can kill and eat headhogs.

Milky Eagle Owl

The Milky Eagle Owl lives in a Savanna in Sub-Saharan Africa, usually in woodlands near rivers and lakes.

The Milky Eagle Owl below likes to dance.

It is very difficult to spot the owl inside of a tree because of the leaves that cover the two foot bird but it can still see you. There dark brown eyes are the same size as humans, yet it notices everything and can see very clearly in the dark.

The scientific name for the Milkey Eagle Owl is Bubo Lacteus.

The Milky Eagle Owl spends most of its day on a shady perch, avoiding the heat, waiting for nightfall when its regular prey is active.

Female owls lay two eggs. Somtimes only one of the chicks survive. This often happens because the first chick to hatch is fed, when the other isn't, so it starves to death. If food is abundant both of the chicks might survive. They are ready to leave there nest after 36 days. However they remain with there parents for two years. Data on long lived Milky Eagle Owls is scarce when they live in the wild, but captive ones can live up to 14 years.


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