Milkweed By Napoleon

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Milkweed By Napoleon

"Stop! Thief!"- Jerry Spinelli, MilkweedThis quote is significant because it describes a big element of the story. It sums up Misha's personality and how it changes through the story.

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In the city of Warsaw, a boy of many labels but best known as Misha lives in the times of the holocaust. Through many adventures, he has to face obstacles such as the jackboots, the ghetto, and even himself...

"When you own nothing, it's easy to let things go" - Jerry Spinelli, MilkweedThis quote is significant to the book because Misha has to make some very tough decisions and it helps when he is in a rough situation.

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"Everybody has an angel inside. When you die, your angel comes out. You can die but not your angel. Your angel never dies." - Jerry Spinelli, MilkweedThis quote is significant because the stone angel is sort of a motif in the story, and the puzzle of the angel in the story is never solved

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Milkweed by Jerry SpinelliNapoleon Penalber 6th periodMrs McElhany

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Rate: 5 out of 5

Slogan: "Steal,Eat, Repeat"

It is Jerry Spinelli at his best.. A true page-turner and eye-catcher. It makes you want to read more...


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