[2015] Nate Morrison: Milkweed

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[2015] Nate Morrison: Milkweed

The novel Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli takes place in Warsaw, Poland, from 1933-1945 during the Holocaust in World War II. Misha, the main character is a Jewish boy who was living on the streets when a group of friends took him in and raised him. After time the Nazis get all of the Jewish people, and put them inside this area surrounded by a giant brick wall called the ghetto. Some horrible things happened to these people inside here that you would never imagine today. The Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, Poland, was a horrible place to be during the Holocaust.


The people in the ghetto were harassed, beat, hung and tortured. The Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, Poland, was a horrible place to be in during the Holocaust. During the research I learned a lot more about how the Jews were treated and what the Nazi’s did to them. I also learned what the ghetto was and what happened inside the ghetto. The information I got from the research helped me understand more details about the ghetto and things that weren’t included in Milkweed in the book I got to know more about. Doing the research helped me realize that some people did not have such an easy life and especially the Jewish during World War II and the Holocaust. Reading Milkweed and doing the research taught me that not all people were treated fairly and with respect. The Jewish were treated unlike anyone else and some Jewish people even became Nazi’s or guards and killed Jews; they just would completely turn on their own culture.


The ghetto was built and made to sustain Jews and keep them off the street. In the ghetto it was very over crowded and there was very little space. People were hung, killed and shot if they were caught out of their houses after dusk. The Nazis would give them lice infested apartments so the bugs would be all in their hair. During winter time people would freeze to death because there was not good heat in homes. Their houses also had little to no water so people got dehydrated too. In one apartment there was usually more than one family living there, and there was very little space to move. The Nazis would take all of the Jewish people’s expensive items, so the Jews would bury them in the ground where they couldn’t find them. Whenever someone died the Nazi’s would just wrap the dead body up with newspaper and lay them on the sidewalk. and eventually a man riding a horse would pick it up and take it. There were no graveyards or a designated place for dead people to go. There was also no good winter jackets, and other gear. The ghetto was a very hard place to live in during the HolocaustThe Jewish survived by using many methods, one thing the Jews did is uprise against the Nazi's. They got Three-Hundred Thousand Jews to fight against the armed Nazi's in a group called ¨The Jewish Fighting Organization.¨ They won this time but it did not last very long. Three months later they send 3 German troops to Warsaw and they killed most of the remaining Jews. 56,000 Jews were captured by the Nazis and 7,000 of them had gotten shot. They blew up the only Synagogue in Warsaw that the Jews went to, to worship God. There weren't many Jews left but the ones that were remaining built bunkers and when the Nazis shot them, they had protection. The rest of the Jews were killed and that was the end of the Ghetto.The Warsaw Ghetto Jews were supported by other countries that help fight off the Nazis, without them everyone would have been dead. France promised to help Poland but they eventually retreated. They retreated because they were part of a European peace policy and could not bomb anyone. Eventually they broke the law and they did it anyways. Britain, France and even Austria briefly helped with fighting the Germans by killing soldiers on the ground but that didn’t kill all of them. No troops were sent into eastern part of Poland because that was the way the Nazis were coming. And it was basically When there were children on the streets that had no parents, the people at the orphanage would come and take them in to live with them.Living in the Ghetto was very hard for the Jewish to do. The Jewish ghetto, in Warsaw, Poland was a horrible place to be in during the Holocaust. People back then did not realize that the Jewish people were ordinary people too. They were prejudiced towards them and they killed innocent people. Adolf Hitler tried to stay as far away from the Jews because he thought they were “dirty.” They did not have the same rights as normal people and that must have been hard for them. The Jewish weren’t even allowed to show their religion because the Nazi’s knocked down the Synagogue. The Nazis, starved these innocent people and they just always had it the hard way. In the novel Milkweed the Nazis forced the Jews to stand at “attention” in the middle of a blizzard. They were just tortured because of their religion.


Nate Morrison

Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli


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