Milk Crate Garden

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Milk Crate Garden

How can YOU start helping?


Milk Crate Gardens is a way to promote gardening and also a way to help the enironment by recycling those boxes who are discarded by industries.

Milk Crate Gardens

¿Como nos puedes ayudar?

It is very important to encourge children to havecontact with nature and motivate them to plant. It is an activity were they learn to appreciate the natural environment around them and also we are doing an extra help to reduce pollution.

Es muy importante motivar a los niños a plantar y a tener mas contacto con la naturaleza. Esta es una actividad donde aprenden a apreciar la naturaleza a su alrededor y junto con ello es una ayuda extra parareducir la contaminacion.

If you want to take part:

Si te gustaria ayudarnos:



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