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Military Robotics


Future Possibilities for Robotics in the Military

Robots are a major part of today's society, so we must ask ourselves, what is to come in the future. Today’s robots used in the military accomplish taskssuch as bomb disposal, carrying equipment, carrying weapons, bomb drones, missile control and aerial, ground and underwater surveillance. They carry out missions that would be inhumanly impossible to do without death or injury to a soldier. The latest military robots are capable of so many things, but the future will bring so much more.

The quadrotor drone is one robot that will shape the future of military drones. It consists of four symmetrical blades that create lift and have the ability to ascend, descend, move forward, backward, sideways and spin. These movements allow extensive agility and fast, precise movements. Quadrotors are VTOL, or vertical takeoff and landing vehicles as they can only land if descending directly, not on an angle. Through recent research, quadrotors have been incorporated into UAV technology, being armed with locating sensors, including infrared. Quadrotors are very efficient, simple to build and easy to maintain, making them the perfect weapon in a war-zone. Quadrotors are unmanned (wirelessly controlled), which is becoming more and more popular as we venture into the future.

The Quadrotor Drone

Unmanned military drones exist in military combat today, but they have to be controlled by a human through a wireless connection. In the future however, it may be possible for the robot drones to think for themselves. Using sensors and locator technology, the military robots of the future may be able to move, shoot and engage in battles on their own.

Unmanned Drones of today

As seen in many movies such as “Terminator Salvation”, the audience is exposed to what is believed to be a robot revolution where robots such as terminators go rogue and try to take over the world. In the movie, “I Robot”, the robot system evolves and allows them to make decisions that disobey their programming. This is why these robots have not been created for war, as they may ‘evolve’ and turn on the humans who created them.

Military Style Robotics in movies

Artificial Intelligence

Robots that can tell the difference between enemies and allies may be possible in the future. By connecting sensors on the robot to tracking chips on soldiers, the computer would be able to recognise who to fire upon. This chip technology could also be used to create auto turrets which fire only upon the enemy, automatic snipers and other mounted weapons could also be incorporated into this advancement in military robotics. This technology however has one major weakness. If this technology is discovered by the enemy, the same chips could be manufactured and worn by the enemy, which would make the robots pointless.

Future Developments

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), of the future may be robot controlled, or could have minds of their own. They could be built on a larger scale, or even built as an ultimate weapon, such as a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) and UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle) in one. UGVs can be fitted with a range of weapons and be used for more than just a travel vehicle, and may also be the future design for tanks, making tanks obsolete Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) are advanced submarines which have the ability to be wirelessly controlled, they can be used for marine exploration however may also be used as stealth submarines for military missions. UUVs are fitted with a range of devices such as radar, sonar and weaponry, including valkyrie rockets which can be controlled to hit precise locations. UUVs of the future will be much more agile, fast and stealthy, which makes them the best military vehicle for water combat.

The Quadrotor in action

Scientists and engineers over the past few years have been in the process of developing a prototype robotic exoskeleton for soldiers. This kevlar body suit protects the back, front and sides of the internal soldier. They are bullet proof, weather resistant and assist with carrying equipment as the back brace and the robotic legs take all the weight of a soldier’s backpack, the robotic computer within the suit moves the suit according to what the soldier does. They are the future of cyborg technology.With all this new technology to come, we must wonder when military robotic evolution will end.

Traditional UGV


Packbot by iRobot

Innovators, Robots of tomorrow

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