military defence

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military defence

military defence(saf)




See also: Military history of SingaporeSingapore's military role stems from its strategic geographical location, an asset exploited by local settlers and foreign colonists alike. Archaeological excavations have discovered remnants of forts and other forms of military fortifications in pre-colonial Singapore. Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of modern Singapore, selected Singapore in 1819 to establish a new colony with the security concerns of British interests in the Far East in mind against the Dutch. Thus, Singapore played an active role in British military interests for decades, particularly in the years leading up to the world wars.The Singapore Armed Forces has its humble origin in the Straits Settlements Volunteer Force (SSVF, formed in 1922), which in turn had its roots in the Singapore Volunteer Artillery (SVA, formed in 1888). The Motto of the SVA is "In Oriente Primus" (Latin: First in the East), which is still in use today by the artillery formations of Singapore Army.[3] In 1915 it helped to suppress the mutiny of Sepoys in Singapore.During World War II, the SSVF took part in the Battle of Singapore but most of its members were captured on 15 February 1942 when their positions were overrun. After the end of the war, the SSVF was re-constituted in 1948, but the SVF was absorbed into the Singapore Military Forces (SMF, predecessor of the SAF) following the disbandment of the SSVF in 1954. Subsequently in 1961, SMF was renamed to Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).When Singapore achieved independence in 1965, its military consisted of only two infantry regiments, commanded by British officers and made up of mostly non-Singapore residents. Singapore believed that it needed a larger force, with the presence of larger neighbouring countries. To that end, Singapore secretly contacted Israel, which sent military advisers who helped Singapore set up a defence force modeled in part after the Israel Defense Forces.[4]Singapore Armed Forces Day is commemorated on July 1 with an annual parade.[5]

ain article: National Service in SingaporeIt is compulsory for all fit and able-bodied Singaporean men who have reached 18 years of age, and are not deferred for certain reasons, to be enlisted in military service, or Full-time National Service (NSF).NSF was initially three years for commissioned officers and two years for other ranks, but it was later changed to two years and six months for soldiers with the rank of Corporal or higher, and two years for those with the rank of Lance Corporal or lower. In June 2004, NSF was shortened to two years for all Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs), regardless of rank, due to changes in population demographics and manpower requirements. Upon completion of their NSF stint, servicemen will be considered as having reached their Operationally-ready Date (ORD) and will be known as Operationally-ready National Servicemen (NSmen). Most NSmen will have to go through a 10-year cycle of military training with their assigned unit. NSmen are called up annually for training, courses and physical fitness tests.

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