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In the cold the mi'kmaq men and women covered themselveswith robes made from animal skin. Both men and women wore moccasins on their feet.These shoes were made from animal skin and decorated with quills and beads.

The mi'kmaq lived in homes called wigwams shaped like a cone or a dome.The frame was covered in bark.

What the mi'kmaq ate,Seals were hunted alongthe coast in January. Caribou was dryed and smoked in February.In the summer it was a good time to gather berries, roots and plants.

The Mi'kmaq tribe.

The mi'kmaq tools were needed to cut wood and hunt animals. The tools were made of bones and wood.

At celebrations there dances were imitated by animal movement.The snake dance moved in a line that weaves around.Other dances swoop like a bird

The mi'kmaq are a first nation that lived throughout eastern Canada. The mi'kmaq are well known for their porcupine quill work. Each quill was dipped into brightly coloured paints.

In the summer the mi'kmaq travelled the land by foot. In the winter they used snow shoes The wide paddle of the snow shoe helped the mi'kmaq walk on top of the deep snow without sinking.


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