[2014] Jaden Kirkwood (5/6 Robinson): Mi'kmaq

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[2014] Jaden Kirkwood (5/6 Robinson): Mi'kmaq

The Mi’kmaq did not interact a lot with other groups but such leadership was particularly important in resolving conflicts within a group, negotiating alliances with other people, going to war with enemies, and making decisions about when and where to hunt and fish.

The 'Kitchie Manitou' (Great Spirit) was said to be everywhere and everything, for example people, animals, water, plants, sun, moon, sickness etc...The 'Windigo' was an evil spirit from Algonquian legends.According to legend, people, who were lost in the woods and starving, would resort to cannibalism (eating there own species)and become Windigoes. These people would return home from the forest only to become violent and anti-social.They would gradually be overcome by the urge to consume human flesh, giving more power to the Windigoes.The only way to destroy the evil spirit was to kill the host and burn their body to ashes.

The Mi’kmaq lived in structures called 'wigwams', which were much smaller than longhouses.Only one family would live in each wigwam, unlike a longhouse, and since the wigwams were smaller, they were easier to take down and transport.It was always the woman's job to set up and take down the wigwams. The Mi’kmaq used wigwams because they needed to follow the food.

Deerskin was the most popular choice for clothing because there was a lot of deer population in the area that they lived in. They also used raccoon and elk skin. The Mi’kmaq made robes, shirts, leggings, dresses, skirts, loincloths and moccasins.

The Mi'kmaq ate Moose, White tailed Deer (Most Important), Caribou, Whale and Seal.They also collected edible plants as the main food source.







This is the Mi'kmaq flag


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