Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov

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Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Mikhail Nikolaevich Bsryshnikov born January 27, 1948 His father, Nikolai Baryshnikov and mother, Alexandra Kiseleva Alexandra was a ballet enthusiast she enrolled Mikhail in it when he was 12 at the School of Theatre Opera Balleta year later, Alexandra commited suicidehe covered up the hurt, but it's a wound that never healsBaryshnikov commited himself to being a dancerimmersing in his studies

His dance studies began in 1960He joined the Kirov Ballet,Toured with Moscow's Boloshoi BalletAfter the groups final performance,Baryshnikov disappeared in CanadaSoon to reappear to thunderous acclaim..On American stagesHe joined the New York City ballet in 1978then named artistic director of the American Ballet Theater in 1980

His admirers...Critics and fans alike,Compared him to Rudolf Nureyev...Another ballet studentHaving fled from the Soviet UnionThey found Baryshnikov a restrained,Less ostentatious propenent, Of the russian ballet styleRather than Nureyev

A ballet dancerExplored both classical and modern He's noted for his technical prowess,Engaging stage personalityTechnique praised for easy and purityHis elevation, universally acclaimedThe most brilliant dancer of his timeHis abilities seemed limitless.He has helped change the face of dance

Successes of his early careerWere marked by formal competitions,roles in modern and classical repertoryhe won gold at many ballet competitionshis professional debut was in "Giselle"in the "peasant Pas de Deux"much later,this would be echoed in his Nyc debuthis partner was Natalia Makarova,who also left the Kirov ballet

A Brilliant Dancer

Travels as a Dancer

The Career Begins

The Public's Comparison

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