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PolioBy: MikeMcCarron

This is a RNA virus with a protien capsid coat that surrounds its single strand of RNA. It has three different strains, each with a slightly different capsid coat.

It was first identified in 1840, but the actual virus was not discovered until 1908 by Karl Landsteiner. He identified it as a distinct condition at this time.

Polio is a crippling disease that strikes the brain and causes paralysis and sometimes death.

The disease is uncurable, which is why vaccination with the polio vaccine is the best and only way to combat the disease.

This is a picture of "the iron lung" which is how people who had polio weaken their respiratory systems a lot were able to stay alive when they could not breathe on their own

Some of the symptoms of this disease is severe atrophy of the limbs, usually the legs or the repiratory system. About 5 out of every thousand cases turns into a parlytic disease, where the victim loses all control over their muscles.For people with a normal immune system the poilio virus will usually just cause flu like symptoms accompanied by and upper respiratory track infection.

It can be transmitted orally, or through other means, and it spreads faster in the summer and autumn months due to the warm climate. There are also wild Polio viruses that infect nearly the entire human population

In history, polio was always present, but in the early 1900's the number of cases began to dramatically rise, due to increased urban sprawl and more contact between people. The disease was then virtually wiped out by the invention of the polio vaccine in the 1950's but it is still prevalent in many third world and underdeveloped countries.

This is not a virus that attacks the immune system, so usually there is not any higher risk of getting a co infection from being a poilio victim.

Franklin Roosevelt, FDR, was one of our nation's greatest presidents, and he led our country through the great depression and World War Two while stricken by Polio. He never let out that he had the disease in order to maintain a powerful image for Americans to believe in during a time of need. The public did not know that he had it until after he had past away.

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