[2017] Jake Slater: Mike Trout

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[2017] Jake Slater: Mike Trout

Mike Trout

Who is he?Mike Trout is a professional baseball player for the Anaheim Angles. He was born August, 7th 1991 in Vineland, New Jersey. He is a centerfielder, with great speed and can hit for power.

Early LifeAs a Kid Mike liked baseball, the one thikng he did not like was his now-a-day starting position for the angels. He was a shortstop, in result of him beikng a shortstop his favorite player was Derek Jeter. He even wore the same number as him, #2. He attended Milville Senior High School, in Junior year of highschool he threw a no-hitter with 21 out of 27 outs being strikeouts. After Highschool he was planning on attending East Carolina Uneversity. But he was called to play Minor leauge baseball. Now in his former highschool the best player on the team gets to wear his number.

DraftMike was drafted first round but not until the 25th pick. He was top prospect pick in 2011.

Mikes Favorite player, Derek Jeter

Call upOn July 8th, 2011 Mike put on his Angles uniform as he was promoted to play center field as fellow outfielder Peter Bourjus was placed on the disabled list. After that day he is now the youngest player to have 100 homeruns along with 100 stolen bases. Hed had 10 homeruns and 25 stolen bases before the all-star break, even after getting off to a late start. His first Major leauge hit was a bunt down the first base line.

SalaryMike now makes 20.08 million dollars, thats $110,329.67 per game!

489 foot home run, June 27th, 2014(skip to 53 seconds)

Angles recordMike hit the longest homerun in Angles history at 489 feet.

StatisticsHe has a batting average of .346 (batting average is how many times out of ten you get a hit) he has 929 hits 173 home runs, 606 runs scored and 144 stolen bases.

Uniform NumberMike Trout got number 27, the angles fans got concerned, they thought they were going to retire the number after Vladamir Guerro had it. Or they thought the department just messed up.

AchivementsRookie of the year award 2012, 2 time silver slugger, broke the angles consecutive runs scored game 15 years, first angles player to lead the league in steals, 2 time al mvp, 2 time all-star game mvp, al rbi leader, he hit the cycle may 21st, Only player to have 30+ home runs along with 40+ steals, 2014 hank Aaron award, 2012 30-30 club.

Mike's sponsorsYou probably have seen him in stores he is sponsored by a lot of companys, the company you may have seen him on bozes would be "super pretzels"

Mike in High school

Mike at the draft

Mike Trout on his sponsors "superpretzel" box


Mike Trout gives autograph to young fan in Detroit



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