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Mike O'Connor


8-Week Muscle Building Program

Overall 8-week goal: Gain muscle mass, speed, flexibility, and explosiveness to perform better in baseball.

Objective 1: Flexibility -Stretch for 10 minutes prior to and following your workout; dynamic and static stretching is included.

Objective 2: Strength- Workout using weight training and progressive overload at least 6 days a week to build maximum muscle.

Objective 3: Balance- Spend 10 minutes, 3 days a week doing balance training, using foam rollers, stability balls, and/or balance boards.

Objective 4: Cardiorespiratory Endurance- One day a week is designated to all cardio such as high intensity running.

Objective 5: Injury Resistance- Two days a week spend 30 minutes doing rotator cuff, core, shoulder, and elbow exercises with low weight and high reps to ensure no injuries occur.



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