Mikaila Wahl:Wrapping Greenland

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Mikaila Wahl:Wrapping Greenland


Solution- The solution is and invention called wrapping Greenland and it is a blanket that reflects sunlight and heat and traps the cool air underneath it to stop glacier melting.

1. The blanket has to keep the ice from melting2. The blanket cannot blow away3. The blanket has to be strong4. We have to find if hemp or plastic is a better material for the blanket5. We need to find out how fast Greenland’s glaciers are melting

My machines name is called wrapping Greenland. My machine is a special type of blanket that is supposes to stop the melting of glaciers. The point of this machine was that they think that global warming will result in the melting of glaciers and that will cover the world in water because 75% of the earths water is in glaciers and also in places where the glaciers provide water there will be severe droughts. The blanket they used is made out of a special material called plastic. They believe that this material will reflect the light and heat and trap the cool air underneath so the glacier can’t melt. To use this machine you lay it out on top of a glacier to prevent glacier melting. Their plan is to cover just the outside of the glaciers on the melt zones and that should stop the glacier melt of thee whole glacier. They are testing this prototype in Greenland on the Greenland ice cap. They tested it by covering a section of ice and after seeing how much the ice around it has melt. On their first try the ice around the blanket melted two feet but the ice covered by the blanket stayed pretty much the same even though their was 6 inches of snow on top of it. Wrapping Greenland has passed the test even though most of the other geo machines have been sent back to the drawing board. So that is what my invention wrapping Greenland is all about.

Problem- Glaciers are melting due to global warming and scientists think that if this doesn’t stop half the world will be covered in water and half the world will be a desert.

1.Testing: Material for the blanket that stops the ice from meltingTest: Put the blanket over the melt zones and record on video to see if it melts.Passes: It passes if the ice under the blanket does not melt.2. Testing: Material for the blanket that can stand the elements.Test: A wind machine will blow hurricane force winds and then a truck of snow and ice will be dumped in to its path to resemble a blizzard.Passes: It passes if the blanket does not blow away or break.3. Testing: Material for the blanket that is strong.Test: Run a bulldozer over the blanket.Passes: It passes if the blanket does not break.4. Testing: Materials for the blanket, Plastic vs. HempTest: Do all of the tests above with plastic and hemp.Passes: The material that that passes the most tests is the one the blanket will be made of. (Plastic was the better material.)5. Test: How fast the ice is meltingTest: Put a monitor under the ground to see how fast the ice melts.Passes: Record the data and if it slows the melting down.

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It is important to understand global warming first of all so we don't make things worse! It is very important we know about global warming so we don't make things worse by continuing to use fossil fuels. Second of all we need to know about is so we make things better and instead of contribute to the issue we can help stop global warming. Third of all we need the knowledge of global warming to even understand it so we can help with it. Fourth of all we need to know what to expect in the future so we can prepare for what is going to happen so we have a better chance of surviving if it comes to that. Fifth we have to understand that every day counts and even though it doesn’t seem like it every little thing you do makes a big difference on the fine line of helping or making global warming worse. Sixth global warming affects every one and every thing so don’t think about yourself think about the future generations and the environment, if we don’t do some thing we are very likely to not survive global warming. Seventh of all there is way to much carbon in the atmosphere so we need to think of ways to reduce carbon and other global warming contributors. Eight earths is our one and only home and if we don’t do something anyone will so if you wouldn’t let some thing take over and destroy your house you should feel the same way about earth. Ninth of all earth is getting hotter and hotter if we don’t do something the temperature will rise so high it will kill us all or we will be under water. Tenth of all and finally we are using way to many fossil fuels and we have to stop to make global warming stop once and for all. That is why it is very important to understand global warming.



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