Migration Study (Canada Goose)

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Migration Study (Canada Goose)

Who's That Goose?The Canada Goose is a goose with a black head and neck, white patches on the face, and a brown body. This type of bird is very common to the United States, which is the country that we live in.Male and female geese of this species look very similar but their honks sound different.

1) Get to know all about the Canada Goose by exploring the text and pictures.2) Dive into how the Canada Goose migrates by using the maps below.3) Enjoy the video in the botom left corner!

Let's Meet Our New Friend, the Canada Goose!


An in-depth study of the:

Canada Goose

Some people mistakenly refer to the Canada Goose as a Canadian Goose.


These geese live in Canada and in the Northern United States but they fly, or migrate, south for the winter to avoid the cold.


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