[2015] Kimia Norouz (A9IB): Migration

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[2015] Kimia Norouz (A9IB): Migration


Why do people migrate?

warWar is the most obvious and common push factor. Nowadyas internal wars are the most common reasons for emigration. Many people's lives are influenced hugly by the internal wars wars. Seeking safety and peace by people in war causes emigration.

There are many reasons for people's immigation. the reasons are dependent to the countries situations or even their different personal situations. The reasons are catogorized into push and pull factors. Push factors are those that force people to leave the country and pull factores are those that attract people to live their home in better conditions.

PovertyPoverty is the other very common reason for migration. Poverty exists in many countries that many people are perished by poverty. Lack of water, food, home or even school are included in poverty. Poverty is one of the push factors. Poverty was one of the reasons for Swedish emigration.

EducationNowadays there are some countries that are attired with high educational opportunities. The high standard of education gives the student the chance to be enrolled in top-class universities, high schools, colleges and... . A higher standard of education is a pull factor.

The Swedish migration happend in the 19th and early 20th centries. Ablout 1.3 million people moved to North America because of push factors such as poverty, religious limitationa and the low standard of agriculture.

Vilhelm Moberg Vilhelm Moberg was one the most popular authors who wrote popular books about the Swedish enmigration to North America.

My own opinions about migration As a personal opinion of mine about migration, i have to say that I believe migration could have positive and negative effects on every migrant's life in different ways. I myself have a experience of migration to Sweden. I understood and experienced that migration has its difficulties and advantages. It could have many positive inflence on our lives. Migration could be hard for every person in any kind but these are the good points of migration that causes every migrant to pass by those less difficulties. Migration of people from different countries to other caountries could be also useful for people to meet and become familiar with diffferent cultures of people from the around the world.


Kimia Norouz A9IB


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