Migrants and Refugees

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Migrants and Refugees

Migrants and Refugees

What are Migrants and Refugees?Migrants are people who legally go to a different country for a job or a new home.Refugees are different from migrants because they illeagally go to a different country, usually refugees go to a different country because their home has continuous wars and they want to find somewhere safe to go, also known as refuge (thats where the word refugee comes from)

When a refugee goes to a different country it isn't the best trip, most people have to use small boats so they don't get caught. There is never much room on the boats and you don't get very many sevings of food, lots of people don't survive the trip and sometimes the boat is never seen again.Unlike refugees, migrants usually come over on planes or cruise ships. Their journey is legal, there is no danger for them, they get fed and they get their own rooms.

Chengwu GuoChengwu Guo is a migrant who came to Australia for his career.Chengwu was born in China in 1989, he started doing ballet when he was 11, he also loved academic researches. Soon he found out a way to combine his love of ballet and acedemic studies together, not much later he was awarded a gold medal in the China competitions and got a scholaship for the Australian Ballet Academy. He got big roles in Sleeping beauty, Graduation Ball and Coppelia. In 2008 Chengwu accepted and joned the Austalian ballet and in 2013 he was award the best male dancer and was promoted to principle artist.

Laura ImbrugliaLaura Imbruglia is another migrant who came to Australia for her career except she came for a career in music. Laura was born in 1983 and lived in Germany until 2010 when she relocated to Melbourne. When she got to Melbourne she found it easy to make friends with the locals. She was awarded Rage's "Indie Clip of the Week", and she made a hit song called "What a Treat", a punk, rock song. in 2013 she was voted #17 in the top Albums of 2013. She achieved alot in one decade and was listed as a "throat-tearing" punk singer.


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