Migrant Workers

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Migrant Workers

Migrant Workers

This was extremely tough on the mothers and children. The mothers would stay home all day and take care of the kids. It was so bad that some of the kids couldn't even go to school. There were many problems for migrant workers during the Great Depression and even for the families. They survived on very little and had even less. Nothing could be worse.

By: Richard, Melissa, Kenneth, and Knylen

Their Families

From The Beginning

It all started back in 1931 when California overcame a drought and the great depression had begun. During this time many farmers either lost all their crops or barely had any crops left at all. So many of them became migrant workers. They lived in makeshift tents and their cars. They made very little money for the jobs they had. Some would make $7.00 in two weeks. Life truly was hard for these people.

Question Responses

Important People/Dates

Carey McWilliams-Famous Portrait 1931-The Great Depression beginsPaul Taylor-WorkerClark Kerr-Worker1930's-Migrant workers from all over America came to work in California.John Steinbeck-AuthorLoftis-AuthorCAIWU LeadersFlorence Owens-Famous Worker Thompson-Loftis "Model"

External factors will almost always affect ones sense of identity because as humans we rely a lot on other peoples opinions of us, and if we hear enough times that we are a certain way we tend to believe them. So for example during the Great Depression many people in California felt worthless and unnecessary to themselves, which affected their identities.#2 --->

My Topic relates to The American Dream because of how the workers had their realestate at hand just like the people in the song did, and how they travelled places in oreder to find a better, or the best life they can recieve.


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